State Sales Tax

Tax Overview

Effective June 1, 2016: The sales tax rate in the Village of Willowbrook is 7.00%. The State of Illinois receives sales tax receipts from retailers within the Willowbrook area and then remits the Village's 1% share on a monthly basis. Willowbrook does not assess a local sales tax, however businesses within the Village's Route 83/Plainfield Road Business District pay an additional 1% sales tax. Those tax revenues are restricted to expenditures benefiting the Business District only.

Without a property tax to fund Village services, sales tax is the largest revenue source for the Village and accounts for over 40% of General Fund revenues.

Tax Percentage Breakdown

The percentage breakdown is as follows for the 7.00% sales tax:

State of Illinois - 5.00%

Village of Willowbrook - 1.00%

DuPage County - 0.25%

Regional Transit Authority - 0.75%

Total Sales Tax Rate (outside of Business District) - 7.00%

Route 83/Plainfield Road Business District (additional) 1.00%

If you have any questions regarding the Village of Willowbrook's sales tax, please contact, the Finance Department at (630) 920-2235.