Hotel-Motel Tax

Tax Overview

The Village of Willowbrook imposes a 6% Hotel-Motel Tax (effective November 1, 2019 - previously 5%) on room rentals for establishments located in Willowbrook. Revenues from this tax are restricted in use to promote tourism in the Village. The Hotel-Motel Tax Committee, comprised of an elected official and hotel representatives, is responsible for administering revenues generated from the tax.

Tax Forms

All hotels / motels are required to submit a completed registration form (PDF), and a monthly hotel-motel tax return (PDF). The new monthly form using the 6% rate (for room taxes collected beginning November 1, 2019) can be found here: hotel-motel tax return 6% (PDF). Hotel-Motel taxes are due monthly. Payment must be made to the Village by the 20th of each month for the preceding month.

If you have any questions regarding the Village of Willowbrook's Hotel-Motel Tax, please contact, the Finance Department at (630) 920-2235.