Applications & Fees

Zoning Entitlement Process

The Village's zoning entitlement process is a multi-step procedure for obtaining approval to develop a property for a certain use, intensity, building type or building placement. The zoning entitlement process is performed for the purpose of ensuring that projects comply with all of the Village's Ordinances and design standards, as well as for allowing opportunities for public review and comment. The process is typically 2 to 4 months depending on the complexity of the application. Please reference the link below entitled "Zoning Entitlement Process" for a detailed breakdown of the Village's entitlement process.

Submitting Requests

Every request for annexation and/or zoning relief, including rezoning (i.e., map amendment), subdivision, planned unit developments, variations, and special use permits, must be formalized by the submittal of an application and payment of the requisite fees. The Village assesses both application fees and review fees for plans and documents.

Application Packets

The application packet must be completed accurately and truthfully in its entirety and must contain an original signature of the property owner or owner's authorized agent. One original and seven copies of the application form and checklist must be submitted with the project documents, plans, and any necessary supplemental information.

Please be advised that no plan or submittal will be reviewed by Village staff or any Village consultant until a complete application containing all required items has been received by the Village and all fees have been paid.