Borse Memorial Community Park Improvements - CIP 2023/2024

As part of the feedback received in the Village Parks & Recreation survey, Village staff are excited to propose the Borse Memorial Community Park Improvement Project

If approved by the Board, the Borse Memorial Community Park Improvement Project will include three phases of construction, Phase I will begin in July 2023 and finish by fall 2023, Phase II will begin in May 2024 and finish by fall 2024, and Phase III will begin in May 2025 and finish by fall 2025. 

This project will include the following upgrades:

• New permeable paver parking lot off of Eleanor Place (71 spaces and an estimated 50 trees installation, project estimated for Summer/Fall of 2023)

• Storm water improvements at Midway and Borse Park (Summer/Fall 2023)

• Expanded concrete walking path (increase pathway by 0.4 miles, from .0.27 miles to 0.67 miles) (Spring 2024)

• Replacement of current pavilions (Spring 2024)

• Replacement and conversion of the current asphalt parking lot to permeable paver (86 parking spaces) (Summer/Fall 2024)

• Softball game field enhancements (outfield fence, scoreboard, and stands) (Spring 2024)

• Softball field training and warm-up area (Summer 2024)

• Pedestrian bridge over (connecting Eleanor lot to the north pathway in the park) (Summer 2024)

• Tree plantings and beautification (Estimated 40 trees installation – Fall 2024)

• Pickleball courts (Summer 2024) 

• New playground with pour-in-place ADA accessible surface (Summer 2025)

• New Splash Pad (Summer 2025)

This project is being funded by the Village's General Fund, ARPA Funds, and Grants.

In an effort to receive extensive community feedback on the project, the Village hosted two project open houses at the Community Resource Center (CRC) on March 15, 2023 and May 11, 2023. At these open houses, there were several project options presented. Following extensive feedback and comments provided by the community, Village staff will recommend to move forward with Phase 1 of the project at the May 22, 2023 Village Board of Trustees meeting. 

Moving forward, staff will host several additional open houses regarding Phases 2 and 3 of the project, to be hosted throughout 2023, 2024, and 2025. 

To view a collection of resources from the Open House events, see below:

August 2023 Project Update

The first phase of the Borse Park Improvement Project will begin with the installation of the Eleanor Place permeable paver parking lot. This installation will take place in fall 2023.

Additionally, storm water infrastructure in the park will be replaced and upgraded in the fall following the conclusion of the BRW Fall softball season. These components of the project will enable future phases of the development to occur without major disruptions to park activities.