Sewer Service


Depending on your specific location, the sanitary sewer systems are maintained by either the Flagg Creek Sanitary District or the DuPage County Sanitary District.

In an effort to maintain sewer service and avoid unnecessary effluent to the sewage treatment plant, please do not:

  • Drain into a sanitary sewer any water from swimming pools, sump pumps, gutter or downspout drainage, or similar surface water
  • Drain or dump into a sewer any material intended for a sanitary sewer
  • Drain into any sewer fats or oils, grease, gasoline, fuel oil, drain oil, or other flammable or explosive liquid, garbage, sand, mud, straw, shavings, metal, glass, rags, plastics, wood, noxious gas, acids, odor-producing substances, or any other material which would cause obstructions to the flow of water or internal damage to pipes or to the sewer system