Donation Levels

Select Level - Young Trees

Contributions may be made at any time but plantings are done each spring and fall. You may choose from the following species:

  • Red Maple
  • Autumn Purple Ash

You may also choose one of four Willowbrook parks in which to have your tree planted. The Village will then determine the best location within the park for the tree. At the time of planting, these trees are approximately 7' high with a diameter of approximately 2-2 1/2". They are deciduous trees that could reach 40' at maturity.

Gold & Silver Levels - Mature Trees

If you prefer to contribute a more mature tree, a limited number of trees in highly-visible locations are available. Two levels of contributions are offered. You may choose the tree or we can choose for you.

Silver Level

At the Silver Level, you may choose either a White Ash or a River Birch tree to be planted in the area between the playground and the picnic pavilions at the Borse Memorial Community Park. Most of these trees are approximately 12' high and each has a diameter of 5".

Gold Level

At the Gold Level, you may choose Aspen, Marshall Ash, or River Birch trees to be located adjacent to the pathways at Willow Pond. All are fully mature trees with some measuring over 30' in height.


The Celebration / Memorial Program includes sponsorship opportunities for new benches near the Prairie Trail Park Playground at 59th Street and Clarendon Hills Road. Other locations will be available in the future.