Tribute Tree and Bench Program

Help Make Our Parks More Beautiful

The Village of Willowbrook offers a meaningful Tribute Tree and Bench Program that allows residents, businesses and civic groups the opportunity to purchase a new tree or bench for placement in one of our neighborhood parks. 

All funds from this program are used to manage the program and to add more trees to Willowbrook's parks.

Trees and benches can be purchased to remember a loved one, recognize someone special, to celebrate the birth of a child, a marriage, or another momentous event in your family. This long-lasting gift serves as a perpetual reminder of those people and events that make our lives special.

Donation Benefits

Donations of trees have many benefits to our environment such as:

  • Clean pollutants from the air
  • The roots of trees often trap pollutants that would normally contaminate the soil
  • Trees hold the soil in place and reduce erosion
  • Trees assist in climate control, reducing the need for air conditioning and reducing pollution
  • Trees provide shelter and breeding places for wildlife

Additional Information