2023 Water Rate Restructuring FAQ

  1. Where does the Village get it's water from?
    1. The Village purchases its water from the DuPage Water Commission, who purchases it from the City of Chicago.
  2. What was my previous (Prior to January 9, 2023) water rate?

    1. Billing Rate

      Billing Frequency

      Residential – Single Family Home

      1) $9.67/1,000 up to 36,000 Gal

      2) $11.14/1,000 over 36,000 Gal

      3) Min. Bill is $78.56 up to 9,000 Gal quarterly


      Residential – Multi-Family

      1) $9.67/1,000 up to 36,000 Gal

      2) $11.14/1,000 over 36,000 Gal


  3. What does the new rate (as of January 9, 2023) look like?
    1. Single Family Residential rates are below

    2. Billing Rate
      Billing Frequency
      Monthly Usage by 1,000 GallonsFixed Monthly FeeVolume Charge per 1,000 Gallons
      0 - 12,000$5.00$10.00Monthly
      12,001 - 20,000$10.00$10.50Monthly
    3. Multi-Family Residential rates are below

    4. Billing Rate
      Billing Frequency

      Fixed Monthly FeeVolume Charge per 1,000 gallons
      Multi-Family Residential$5.00/unit$10.000Monthly
  4. Why are my rates changing?
    1. Since 2015, the DuPage Water Commission has increased rates by 25% (see below). 
    2. DuPage Water Commission (left) Willowbrook (right)

      2015:    17%     12%

      2016:    -          0%       

      2017:    1.7%    0%

      2018:    1.2%    0%

      2019:    0.6%    0%

      2020:    -           0%

      2021:    -           0%

      2022:    4.2%    0%

                  TOTAL RATE INCREASES                

                  25%     12%

  5. How much are rates going to increase?
    1. It’s important to understand that just because there is a different structure in water billing doesn’t necessarily indicate that users will receive a significant increase, or an increase at all. 
  6. I already pay enough to the Village in property taxes, why do I have to pay for another fee for a different Village service?
    1. The Village does not levy a property tax for any day-to-day services (Administration, Public Works, Police, Community Development, etc.). The property tax that is levied from the Village is strictly for ADA improvements at the Village parks and Special Recreation Association (SRA) dues. The SRA dues are solely for the Village to provide services for residents with disabilities in meaningful activities that maximize their health, well-being, and quality of life. As of 2021, the Village of Willowbrook levies the second lowest property tax within DuPage County.
  7. Why doesn't the Village just open up underground wells?
    1. As a Village, our number one priority when it comes to water distribution is safety and quality. The Village of Willowbrook originally moved to Lake Michigan water decades ago because the well water contains radium, in addition to other contaminants. The cost to maintain, and filter the water would be incredibly expensive and burdensome for taxpayers. When compared to the current water, the well water would still be of low quality and residents would need to purchase water softening systems, and could have an undesirable color or taste. 
  8. My water usage has gone up dramatically and I can't figure out why. What should I do?
    1. A drastic increase in water usage may be due to a leak within your home. Call the Village Hall at (630) 920-2238 and we will have a member of the Public Works department come to your house to help try to check for noticeable leaks, which can often be found in toilets.