What is required to obtain a solicitation permit?*

There is an application packet that must be obtained in person at the Willowbrook Police Department.  

The following must be submitted with the completed application:

  • Solicitor Permit Fee $75.00; additional $35.00 fee per solicitor
  • Solicitor Permit Transient Merchants Fee $100.00; additional $35.00 fee per solicitor
  • An approximately 2" x 2" photo for each person soliciting, i.e. passport photo
  • Copy of Government issued ID for each solicitor
  • Copy of any literature to be handed out and/or Business card
  • Certificate of Insurance (Village of Willowbrook named as an additional insured)
  • Written statement issued by Attorney General of Illinois indicating compliance with 225 ILCS 460/1 and 225 ILCS 460/3 (applies to charitable solicitation)
  • Copy of annual report filed with the Attorney General of Illinois pursuant to 225 ILCS 460/4 

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