Does the Village regulate door-to-door solicitors?*

Yes, solicitors within the Village of Willowbrook must apply for and be approved for a permit to solicit in any residentially zoned district within the Village.   Solicitors must also adhere to specific guidelines and rules regulating door-to-door solicitation.  Charitable solicitors under the age of 17 and those engaged in canvassing shall not be subject to permitting.

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1. Does the Village regulate door-to-door solicitors?*
2. What is required to obtain a solicitation permit?*
3. Are background checks performed as part of the solicitation permit process?*
4. Do solicitors need to identify themselves?*
5. What rules apply to door-to-door solicitors in the Village of Willowbrook?*
6. Are charities allowed to solicit donations at intersections?*
7. Are there areas within the Village where solicitation is not allowed?*
8. What solicitor practices are prohibited?*
9. How do I prevent solicitors from coming to my home?*
10. Are there exemptions?*