A message from Mayor Trilla regarding the Coronavirus:



 Updates to Stay at Home Order Effective MAY 1st-30th

Dear residents,

I want to provide residents with the highlight’s of Governor’s Pritzker’s news conference yesterday that covered the extension and modification(s) to the current Stay at Home Order. I urge all residents to be aware of the changes and new guidelines including Facial Coverings as well as other provisions taking effect MAY 1, 2020 through MAY 30, 2020!

In his announcement, the Governor made modifications to the current Stay at Home Order by both strengthening and relaxing various provisions. 

  • No changes to the restrictions and allowances regarding restaurants and bars.
  • No changes to the restrictions placed on barbers, hair salons or other salons.
  • Face coverings shall be required to be worn by all individuals when in public places and when not able to maintain adequate social distancing, except for children under age 2 and when with members of the same household. Face coverings will be required in public indoor spaces.
  • All essential businesses may remain open consistent with the original executive order. Grocery and other stores designated as essential shall reduce their occupancy capacity to 50%, institute one-way aisles and signage for customers, eliminate the usage of reusable bags, and will be asked to limit the number of individuals from the same household shopping at the same time.
  • Some state parks will be opened. Activities such as hiking, fishing, boating, walking, and running are allowed, given adequate social distancing. Fishing and boating will only be allowed in groups no larger than two per boat. The decision to open or close community parks remains under local authority. Additional guidance, including which state parks will re-open on May 1st, can be found in this Illinois Department of Natural Resources press release(PDF) .
  • Golf courses shall be allowed to operate within strict parameters.
  • Pet grooming services shall be allowed to operate.
  • Greenhouses, garden centers, nurseries, and landscape supply companies shall be allowed to operate.
  • All retail stores, including those previously closed as non-essential, will be authorized to fulfill online orders through curbside pickup or delivery.

For our Village of Willowbrook: Our Village Hall, Police Department and Public Works Buildings will continue remain closed until further notice. All essential services are available as usual; our village administration staff continues to work remotely to ensure your questions will be answered and Village services work seamlessly. I encourage all residents to keep informed by monitoring the Village of Willowbrook website (www.willowbrookil.org) that continues to have all updated data from government health care agencies, click COVID -19 spotlight.

We must: remain diligent, follow social distancing, follow the new facial covering guidelines, continue with frequent hand washing with hot water. We must help all our doctors and nurses, hospitals and staff, our Police, who are on the front line, along with all our service providers by simply doing the right thing.

REMEMBER: Each one of us has a part in helping in the control of COVID-19. Success in fighting this epidemic depends all of us doing our part by following ALL THE GUIDELINES, NOT JUST SOME OF THE GUIDELINES.

         Our Lives and the lives of those we care for depend on all our actions.


Mayor Frank Trilla


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We urge residents to take the following steps to protect you and your family from getting sick or spreading illness to others: