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Dear friends of Willowbrook,

Since this issue was brought to our attention on August 22, 2018, we have been working diligently with federal, state and local officials to get answers to so many questions. We continue to be in contact with representatives from the following agencies: U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (U.S. EPA), Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR), Illinois EPA (IEPA) and the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH).

Each agency has identified specific contacts for residents wishing to contact the agencies directly. To help you direct your questions, below are topic areas for the four agencies to help you determine who to contact and how.

The National Air Toxic Assessments and process, federal or national environmental standards; air monitoring; behavior of EtO in the environment; history of review of EtO as an air toxic; alternatives to EtO:  U.S. EPA, Katie Siegel, (312) 866-3006

Non- cancer health risks; cancer risks; Letter Heath Consultation findings; impact of EtO on human activities; performance of a health re-assessment:  ATSDR, Dr. Mark Johnson, , (312) 353-3436

Sterigenics's permit, compliance status, operations under the permit, stack testing, emissions levels; state environmental emission standards, requirements or regulations, notices of violation or enforcement:  IEPA, Brad Frost, , (217) 782-7027

Cancer Incident Investigation:  IDPH, Bill Dart, , (217) 782-0340

We hope this information helps.


Mayor Frank Trilla

Full video from EPA Forum held on November 29, 2018

Youtube Video

Full video from EPA Forum held on August 29, 2018

Youtube Video

Information on Ethylene Oxide

EPA Ethylene Oxide

Hazardous Air Pollutants

National Air Toxins Assessment


Contact information for adult and pediatric referrals: The Great Lakes Center for Children's Environmental Health at the University of Illinois at Chicago

Website: Childrens Health

Phone: 866-967-7337

National Institutes of Health/National Cancer Institute:

Cancer Risk of Ethylene Oxide

DuPage County Health Department:

24/7 Crisis Behavioral Health Support Line


Offers phone based support and referrals for individuals who may be experiencing, or who are concerned with a friend/family member who are experiencing high levels of stress, anxiety, depression or other feelings that have become overwhelming. Crisis counselors are trained to assist in addressing these challenges in the short term, while linking individuals who may need longer term support to appropriate resources.

Information on Cancer Clusters:

CDC: Cancer Clusters

National Cancer Institute (NCI): Cancer Prevention