Green Scene Volunteer

Program Information

Teens entering grades seven through twelve are invited to enroll in Willowbrook's Green Scene Volunteer Program. Volunteers will be involved in picking up trash that has been strewn in our parks and other such light work.

When enough volunteers are recruited, a project in a park will be identified. Volunteers will be notified of the date, time, and place where they should meet. We will attempt to accommodate the schedules of our volunteers but we cannot guarantee a convenient time for all parties. A member of the Village staff will meet the group, distribute work gloves and garbage bags, and provide supervision.

How Long It Takes

The cleanup typically will take 60-90 minutes. Following the completion of each project, the Village will send a thank you letter to the volunteer indicating the time that was donated for his / her work. For more information, please call the Village Hall at (630) 323-8215.