Water Billing & Payment

Automatic Bill Payment

The Village now offers an automatic payment option to pay your monthly water bills. To enroll in the program, please complete the Automatic Water Bill Payment Form (PDF) and send it to Village Hall located at:

Water Department
835 Midway Drive
Willowbrook, IL 60527

Online Bill Payments
The Village of Willowbrook now accepts online bill payments as a method to pay for water bills. A small convenience fee will be charged for this service: credit cards will be charged $3.95 and debit cards will be charged $1.95 per transaction. Official Payments, the service provider, charges this convenience fee for processing each transaction. This fee is not charged by or paid to the Village of Willowbrook.

More Information

Water Rates (Effective January 1, 2015)

The Village purchases its water from the DuPage Water Commission which had previously committed to a rate schedule which includes annual rate increases through 1/1/2015. The Village must also increase its local water rate in order to recover the additional expense in purchasing water. To ensure the financial sustainability of the Water Fund, the Village Board has determined that a 12% rate increase is needed at this time, effective 1/1/2015.

The Village will continue to offer a 6% discount which will be automatically applied to the bills of conservation-minded residential customers, which may also include seniors, who use less than the minimum quarterly usage amount of 9,000 gallons.

Single-family residential customers are billed quarterly as follows:

  • First 36,000 gallons: $9.67 per 1,000 gallons
  • All usage over 36,000 gallons: $11.14 per 1,000 gallons
  • A minimum bill ($78.56) plus 5% utility tax may be sent if no reading is available and/or if consumption is 9,000 gallons or less.

All other customers are billed monthly as follows:

  • First 12,000 gallons: $9.67 per 1,000 gallons
  • All usage over 12,000 gallons: $11.14 per 1,000 gallons
  • Minimum bills are accessed according to meter size

Late Penalty

After 30 days, a 10% penalty will be added. If payment of full amount of bill including any penalties is not made within 45 days after billing, an additional penalty of $25 will be added. Water service may be shut off to any premises for which the water bill, including penalties remains unpaid any time after the period of 45 days after billing and the giving of any required notice and/or hearing as may be required by law.

Water service will not be reinstated until all past due bills, including penalties are paid in full together with payment of $70 to cover the costs of reinstating water service. Please contact Virginia Stoltz with any questions at 630-920-2238 or  Email Virginia Stoltz